How does plasmaNorm work?

How does plasmaNorm work?

Efficient odor removal and effective air purification. Whether smoke, odors, bacteria, viruses, pollen, allergens or pollutants. Sterilization included.

The plasmaNorm® process

The plasma stage in the filter removes microscopically small organic carbon compounds, such as odour molecules. You are safely protected from germs, viruses, spores and also their dissemination. plasmaNorm® is available in the form of incoming, circulating and exhaust air filters for catering and the food industries: tried and proven in thousands of hours of continuous operation.

This air purification...
... represents the absolute state-of-the-art,
... makes use of the internationally patented plasmaNorm® technology,
... works reliably and simply,
... offers maximised maintenance-free operations with permanent filters,
... is an inexpensive investment, with minimised operating and follow-on costs,
... reduces heating and operating costs,
... lowers days lost due to sickness.

The technology is available in both stand-alone units, as total solutions and as process technology: specialist dealers can deliver total solutions, components as well as individual parts. Compared with all other air filter systems, plasmaNorm® is actually the least expensive!

All models and versions operate in an environment-friendly manner, are efficient and help save electricity: the internal aerodynamics are optimised to make them quiet.

plasmaNorm® process technology

plasmaNorm® Funktionsschema

Particles and dusts are pre-filtered: the harmful gases are subsequently oxidised using “cold incineration” in open, normal pressure plasma. Germs and odour molecules are disintegrated at a molecular level. Non-combusted compounds are trapped in the activated carbon storage. The downstream activated carbon acts as a storage reactor in which a process of continuous self-cleaning takes place in the plasma stream: where for example ozone is reverted into oxygen. The plasmaNorm® filter has a very long life cycle; replacement is the exception.

Final products comprise only oxygen, humidity and CO2

Maintenance or replacement of expensive individual filters is minimised: pre-filters are changed/replaced per need: the plasma stage is low maintenance and uses only very little power.


With plasmaNorm®, we offer high-performance and sustainable solutions for industry (including heat recovery), gastronomy (kitchens extraction and kitchen ventilation), the retail trade and the consumer sector.
Compared to other air flotation systems, plasmaNorm® is significantly cheaper and more successful! All variants treat the air environmentally friendly, energy efficient and efficient; The flow technology is optimized, so quiet.

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