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PlasmaNorm® effectively and efficiently removes odors, haze and smoke, if required 99% and without chemicals. If the kitchen air has flowed through the plasmaNorm® treatment, it is also guaranteed, hygienic, greasy, germ-free and odor-free, according to the chosen design. Both exhaust air purification methods (with wall penetration) as well as recirculated air purification processes are feasible. Neighborhood conflicts are finally defused.

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Fire protection systems for airports, subways and B-levels, etc., are also met, since exhaust fumes are no longer producing fire loads or fouling residues.

Regulatory approvals are issued without exception, even if in individual cases it goes to the Regierungspräsident (RP Darmstadt). With plasmaNorm®, some shopping malls dispose of their food court exhaust air and meet the guidelines of the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB). Last but not least, all of our products represent state-of-the-art technology and energy efficiency (EnEV 2010), including the latest EC fans, LED lighting, recyclable materials, etc. With a washable pre-filter and catalytic activated carbon, plasmaNorm® underlines its immanent resource conservation and sustainability!

pNcSdirect recirculation hoods

plasmaNorm® recirculating hoods as ..
- Extractor hood for combi steamers, hot - air dampers, ovens or
- Wall hood for cooking areas, kebabs, fryers and woks

Areas of application: small catering


The plasmaNorm® air purification process is so effective it opens the door for applications which were simply not possible before. The aerodynamically optimised collection of cooking vapours use dynamic parallel jets which offer previously unknown levels of efficiency.

These features allow for example the use of plasmaNorm® cSdirect with combination and hot air steamers and baking ovens. The almost total collection of air including the vapour surges caused by controlled opening of doors is only possible thanks to these parallel jets.

Clean extraction, downstream separation and purification of the cooking, frying, baking and deep frying vapours using the plasmaNorm® process plus additional electrostatic precipitators all help in reducing the degree of air contamination caused by grease, proteins, water vapour, blue smoke and odours to levels previously unattainable.

It is these systems which allow genuine recirculation mode. Excess odour-free heat can be simply exhausted to the atmosphere or otherwise reused.


plasmaNorm® cSdirect can clean kitchen air vapours so effectively that recirculating applications are now possible which were previously simply unrealistic. The wall-mounted hood module has lateral panels and circumferential condensate guttering: fixing and assembly with a holding rail system is simplicity itself. The unit has a number of operating level, is quiet and optimised for energy consumption.

The minimum spacing from module upper edge to the ceiling is 250 mm in order to allow the cleaned recirculating air to exit without causing interference.

The flameSafe pre-filter and the hydroSorp® high-performance aerosol separators are easily accessible by folding out the lower suction deflection.

pNcSdirect wall-mounted hoods are all equipped with high quality LED lighting systems to ensure excellent illumination of the cooking area.

The pNcSdirect exhaust hood for combi steamers is available in one size. Please refer to the data sheet for the exact dimensions.

Regular washing ensures trouble-free operation, both of the separator as well as the downstream gas purifier with odour removal. Several recirculation modules can be installed next to one another such that cooking counters can be freed of vapours and odours. Excess heat can be exhausted to atmosphere or reused if required. The top and wall-mounted modules are also available with a spray cooling option for fire prevention. The mini unit has lower air flow volumes and the air purifying rating is also reduced: this unit is generally used where the levels of air contamination and odour burdens are lower.

plasmaNorm® RENE

All our plasmaNorm® exhaust systems, hoods and modules work economically as well as environmentally friendly and reduce the operating and follow-up costs. Learn more about our environmental responsibility and the important plasmaNorm® aspects of resource conservation, effectiveness, sustainability and energy efficiency.

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    Outer surfaces and air ducting through to the filters require regular manual degreasing. The plasmaNorm® electrodes, ventilation and activated carbon are sufficiently protected by the hydroSorp® pre-filter provided this is washed in accordance with specifications when visibly soiled (see separate datasheet hydroSorp® and washing instructions).

  • Technische Details

    Technical Details

    Technical data and additional information on the pNcSdirect recirculating hood can be found in the data sheet.

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