plasmaNorm® CS COMPACTpro extractor hood

Self-cleaning Extractor hoods featuring plasmaNorm® air purifier for air circulation, zero cooking odours, reduced fire load.

Areas of application: small kitchens, system gastronomy (recirculation mode)


plasmaNorm® CS COMPACTpro extractor hood combinations are designed for smaller kitchens and system catering as well as single cooking points. The substances condensing within the hood can be cleaned either manually or automatically using an integrated wash/nozzle system.


The hood design creates an air flow in which eddy currents form in the front zone to reliably collect rising cooking vapours etc. The simple, space-saving design features flat hygienic surfaces, integrated LED cooktop lighting and does not need an in-built filter. The deflection of the high speed airflow separates air content by condensation on the hood’s inner surfaces.

The CS COMPACTpro is fitted with a rotary cleaning system. The mounting site must have a hot water supply at 3 bar pressure and a drain for waste water (see technical data).

The plasmaNorm® insert for cycloStream® hoods includes a hydroSorp® aerosol separator, the electrostatic cell ionCollect, EC-Ventilation and the newest generation of plasmaNorm® air purifier to reliably remove odours and any other unwanted contents from the air. plasmaNorm® CS COMPACTpro successfully prevents odours in operation to enable cooking and frying even in enclosed rooms provided all cooking appliances are electrical. plasmaNorm® CS COMPACTpro is available as wall-mounted, ceiling and counter versions. 

Prerequisite for the use of a plasmaNorm® recirculating air purification system:
1. The use of gas-operated cooking appliances and open fire places is not permitted
2. It must be min. 30% natural forced ventilation and ventilation (from the flow of the system) in the kitchen

plasmaNorm® RENE

All our plasmaNorm® exhaust systems, hoods and modules work economically as well as environmentally friendly and reduce the operating and follow-up costs. Learn more about our environmental responsibility and the important plasmaNorm® aspects of resource conservation, effectiveness, sustainability and energy efficiency.

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    plasmaNorm® CS COMPACTpro extractor hoods are low maintenance. flameSafe, hydroSorp® and ionCollect all require regular cleaning as per cleaning instructions. All components in the plasmaNorm® flue are virtually maintenance-free provided operation is design complaint. The components do not soil under normal usage.


    Condensates and wash products can be drained into the regular waste water grease separator such that there is no need to install or maintain a new waste disposal chain.

  • Technische Details

    Technical Details

    Technical data and additional information on the pNcScompactPro extractor hood can be found in the data sheet.

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